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Platitudes usually annoy me.

But this one is true. 

What’s a platitude?, some may ask.

Well, here’s a definition: A platitude is a trite, meaningless, biased, or prosaic statement that presented as if it were significant and original. The word derives from plat, the  French (darn those people!) word for “flat.” Whether any given statement is considered to have meaning is highly subjective, so platitude is often—but not always—used as a perjorative (words or grammatical forms which denote a negative effect;  that is, they express the contempt or distaste of the speaker.) term to describe seemingly profound statements that a certain person views as unoriginal or shallow. An example of a platitude could be “go with the flow” or “a rule is a rule.”  Or my very smart sister-in-law’s UN-favorite, “it is what it is”.

Again, I think this one is true…it is UP to you.

In the past few weeks reading, living, and listening, I’ve heard some stories about hurt, anger, and disappointment.  I’ve even written one.  Angry cyclists, drivers, sisters-in-law (not mine!), lost opportunities, and some very, very hurtful words.

Mother used to say Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.  They can, but only if you let them.  I’m sure you’re all thinking, wow, “He needs to listen to this more than we do!”,  and you may be right. 

But…how things impact you, how deeply you let them hurt…it’s all UP to you!

And to those saying things that might be hurtful…maybe you should take Wordless Wednesday to heart!

This post was inspired by Katie over at Domestic Debacle…check her out by clicking here.

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