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…let’s talk about work.

There was an article on Yahoo Finance about “Things your co-workers won’t tell you.”  I think the folks at Yahoo got it from the Wall Street Journal…so, we know it’s akin to the gospel.

I’ll get to them in a minute.  But first…

I doubt that anyone has ever left a room wondering exactly how I think about something, so I feel I have to weigh in on a few of these.  Of course, the folks at Yahoo Finance were eloquent, had data, reasons, and all that good journalistic crap;  I’m a blogger, it’s my blog, screw the facts!

1.  “You’re the most stressful part of my day.”  Now, I’m not so sure I’ve ever said those exact words to anyone, but I’m sure that there are some people in the world who KNOW that they stress me out, and frankly, they do it on purpose.  But, fighting fire with fire, I can be stressful too.  I will have to admit, that pretending that it doesn’t bother me is more fun…(insert evil laugh!).

2.  It’s your fault I can’t fit into my skinny jeans any longer.”  Think about it,  at nearly 59, I’m not so sure I should be wearing skinny jeans, but I have a weak spot for sweets, and when you bring them in, I’m usually the first one headed to the plate…seriously, get the heck out of the way.  But, you and my weak will are making me fatter, causing me to walk more, and to stress over the “shape I’m in”.  Please don’t stop however.

3.  “Stop being such a bully.”  Ok, I’ve actually said those EXACT words, more than once.  Well received, not so much.  But, again…no one was confused.

4.  “”I hate you because you make more than me.”  I’ve never said that, and I truly don’t feel that way.  I’m honestly glad when people make money, get raises, get acknowledged for a good job, and all that.  The fact of the matter is I am annoyed with you because your lazy and don’t carry you load;  making more or less than I do, isn’t the issue.  Making more than you “earn” is the issue.   And, I don’t hate anyone.  Well, maybe Michael Moore.

5.  “Your good attitude makes me hate you.”  It’s not your good attitude Pollyanna, it’s that phony, sickening, demeanor you bounce around with all damn day long that makes me want to hurl.  Give it a REST!

6.  “We trash you behind your back.”  All the time, honey, all the time!

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