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Can we talk about ladies clothes?

Really, guys, I know this is usually not of great interest to you, but don’t you ever just wanna’ say, “should you be wearin’ that?”

Not to your wife, of course…how to do that is a whole ‘nother blog.

But sometimes you see some folks, and well, they’re,  just not dressed for the trailer park.

Like a sports bra on someone who’s never played sports and only exercises with a knife and fork.

Or, the 65 year old shopping at Forever 21, and she ain’t buyin’ it for her granddaughter, cause she doesn’t have one.

The there’s the 50 year old who’s spent more time in a tanning bed than I have in the halter top (not me in a halter top, but me in  a tanning bed),  and most of her stuff went south several years ago.

Or the tan line from the beach/pool/racetrack that doesn’t fit the top/dress/”evening gown” she’s wearin’.

Or the one wearing the Woodstock T-shirt she bought at Woodstock .

Or maybe the spandex pants with “Juicy” across the butt, and well, she’s just not.

And then there’s the “lady” with the “this bitch don’t fall off” shirt.

You wanna’ say something, but you’re smarter than that.  Well at least I hope you are.

I mean, after all, it’s not like she was wearing white shoes after Labor Day, but sometimes, you just gotta think, “Should you be wearin’ that?”

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