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Recently, I posted this picture on Facebook.

WTF! is right.












Yes, I have a Facebook page, two in fact.  One for me, and one for Redneck Latte Ravings, if you haven’t friended me or “liked” the Ravings page, shame on you please do!

It was a pretty popular picture, lots of likes, and several comments.

And if it wasn’t so true, it would be funny.

But, in reality, it’s not.

Sky-rocketing oil prices are killing American’s at the gas pump.  The cost of fuel impacts everything we do. 

It’s not the usual supply and demand that we’ve all come to know and love, it’s Oil Futures Speculation.

There are greedy bastards people out there who are getting rich off the “petrol” users of the world.

Most of them on Wall Street.

Now, not to get too political;  I’m a Capitalist from the get-go, and I genuinely believe that people should be able to earn money, amass wealth, and get rich.

But, along with the freedoms we enjoy to do this, members of a  Capitalist society and economy have a responsibility to be honest, just, fair, and generous.

Oh, crap, even I almost fell asleep there for a minute.

The key word is responsibility.

Many people are responsible for this mess.  It’s not just the Evil Empire of OPEC, nor is it the mess in Egypt, nor Lybia, nor any other oil producing nation. 

Blame can be spread around…lots of places.

The automobile industry, of which I’m probably the biggest fan, has to take some blame.  Jimmy Carter was President when people started crying out for fuel efficient cars.

That was over 40 years ago.

The American public has to take some blame for continuing to buy gas hog automobiles, pooh-pooh public transportation, and playing the ostrich.

OPEC – greedy bastards who have the world by the shorts – a large portion of the blame.

And governments world wide led by people with huge interests in oil have to take some a huge freakin share of responsibility.

Frankly, I think that our own government, which I consider the best on the planet, has done little to nothing to address the problem.

I’m sure this rant was precipitated by the $51.10 I pumped into my vehicle last evening.

And sadly, there seems to be no end.

So, what are we to do?

How do you shop if you can’t afford to get to the store?  How does one earn if they can’t buy gas to get to work?  And how do we keep the economy going if we can’t get to where we do that?

I don’t mean to be all Ross Perotish, you know “here’s the problem, but I don’t have a solution”, but I don’t.

The only thing that comes to mind is…

Where do I put the car seats?









Vespa anyone?

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