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Ah, Christmas.

It’s over, the cookies are baked and eaten, the dinner was eaten, the fine china put away, the tree is wilting, the wrapping paper is all thrown away, all that’s left is the returning.


And the regret of course.

Any gifts you’re sorry you bought?

Or got!

Of course there are. 

The snore strips for the “significant other”, the boflex  you’ll never use, the fuzzy Gator slippers, and on and on and on.  Maybe you should start earlier…now, there’s an idea!  Or buy all year long…but stay within the budget.

Then there are some of us who like the Christmas Rush, the pulling and pushing, finding “just the right thing” at the last minute. 

And then there’s on line!

Thank goodness for that…they even send a return label if you need it…now that’s customer service!

There are somethings you just can’t return though…people get hurt and all.

So, you’re forced to wear the ugly sweater or lime green sweat pants in silence and just hope you don’t run into anyone you know.

Some things you have to do for love!

So, keep it, wear it, and donate it next season!

After all, there’ll be more next year….

Can’t wait!

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