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First it was Barcelona, now the nation of Spain.

The regional parliament in Barcelona has passed into law a resolution to ban bullfighting in Catalonia.  The result of the vote was 68 “si”, 55 “no” and nine absentions (cowards) . A few hundred fewer bulls will die in the region because of the ruling.  And several orphanages will go without meat.

El Matador y El Toro

What’s the real motive behind the ban?

It’s politics, pure and simple.  The Catalonians are always crying for independence, which in the New Holy Roman Empire United Europe is pointless.

Catalan nationalism is distancing itself from Spain by putting the kee-bosh on bullfighting.

Bullfighting is purely Spanish. 

Of course, the bous al carrer, or bulls in the street will go on in Catalonia, just as it does in Pamplona, since it’s Catalan and not considered Spanish.

bous al carre


Well, there’s more to the story and it’s just too long to go into, but it’s purely political.

Which brings us to the most recent development in Spain.

Spanish National Television has now banned Bullfighting on TV.

“Why?”, you querry.

The party line:  To protect the children from violence to animals.   The real reason: Animal Rights Activists.

The centuries-old tradition and “blood-soaked” pageant has sparked a fierce debate.    A pageant and tradition which has fascinated artists and writers such as Goya, Hemingway and Pablo Picasso, and is more Spainish than their native tongue.

  Goya's masterpiece

Picasso's masterpiece

Spanish TV  confirmed it is slicing all connections to a sport which most Spainards revere as an art form.

Matadors are heroes there;  their fame ranks just behind the King and Antonio Banderas.

Bulls have been symbolic in Spain since prehistoric times.

Remember the cave paintings?

Cave Bull

Well, they’re more than 13,000 years old according to archeologists.

Now, I’ve actually been to a bullfight.  Not in Spain, but in Mexico.  I was 15, and frankly, I don’t think it scarred me.

1967 Peggy's knee, with the run in her hose, Nola, and ME at 15 with the cane at a Bullfight Mexico City.  Do I look scarred?

What’s Spain without Bullfighting? 

I’m guessing France.

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