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Some people are so UPtight!

A small Lutheran Kansas college golf team wanted to do something different on team picture day, but their creative minds have landed them in agua caliente!  Their nude team photo got them suspended for the next three tournaments.

When did the Lutherans get so stuffy?

“We all have our shirts off, our shorts to ankles and we are holding golf clubs in front covering up our, um, male parts,” said team captain Jack Hiscock.

Is nude really so rude?

Yes, we can see that, and I did not make that name UP!

Mr. Hiscock (I can’t type that without laughing) said the team was just trying to copy a similar picture taken by the UCLA team.

Once again, it’s all Hollywood’s fault, darn that California!

An apparently UPtight Bethany College golf coach and athletic director, Jon Daniels, says that he was “shocked” when he saw the picture.

“My stomach dropped, and I thought, ‘This can’t be good'”.




There may be outrage in Lindsborg, Kansas, the home of the “Swedes”, but the rest of the world is having a good laugh.

Well, at least I am!

The team of course thinks the suspensions are a “bit harsh”.  But, I’m sure that’s nothing compared to the harsh treatment the moron team member who posted it on Facebook is getting!

Can you say, “Dumbass!”?

Mr. Hiscock…again laughter…said that the shoot started off normal enough, but then one thing led to another.  Well, I suppose that’s how it usually goes.  One guy drops trou, then the rest follow? 

I mean, really, if all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?

At any rate, the picture looks as though it was taken from the tee while the team stood on the green, and they did use clubs to cover UP their johnsons.

I just feel sorry for the poor guy who had to use the putter!

Have a great Saturday!

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