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Scientists are trying to get us to believe that we are not alone.

Well, of course we’re not.  Heck, I work with more than 300 people every day.

And that doesn’t include the customers.

They’re not telling us that we are imagining the people around us, they are telling us that there are more and more reasons to believe there is life “out there”…as in else where in the universe.

Carl Pitcher, the director of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute (which is funded by your tax dollars) says, “The evidence is just getting stronger and stronger.  I think anybody looking for evidence is going to say, ‘There’s got to be life out there.'”

I think Carl needs to stay away from the weed!

And his grammar sucks!  Anybody!! There’s – as in there is, which should be there has and not there has got to be – This is just to make sure Emily of MomminitUP is reading.

In the past few days alone, scientists have discovered that there are three times as many stars in space than we previously thought.

I have never thought about the amount of stars other than to say there are a bunch of them.

Last week, a Yale University astronomer said he estimates there are 300 sextillion stars — triple the previous number. Lisa Kaltenegger of Harvard University says scientists now believe that as many as half the stars in our galaxy have planets that are two to 10 times the size of Earth or “super Earths” which might sustain life.

Another group has discovered that a microbiobe can live on arsenic.

Who cares?  And how does this prove life exists on planets and stars?

It has something to do with life in harsher environments.

They also say scientists could ‘train’ bactierium to thrive on arsenic instead of phosphorous.

Can you imagine the size of the whip and chair?

And who’s doing it now that Siegfried and Roy are out of business?

S and R

Six major elements are considered essential for life;  carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur. This whole arsenic thing has ‘changed’ that definition of life.

No, I think life is life.

Now, I’m all for the space program, I think we should go as far as we can and find all that’s out there…I’m just not convinced that there is any intelligent life out there…I mean afterall, look around you, how hard is it to find any here?

Earlier this year, some scientists say they’ve found a potentially inhabitable planet out there too.

Of course the science is new, so there’s debate.

Ya think?

But, alas, these guys are so excited about this that one dude who works for the SETI Institute, which listens for intelligent life out there, bet everyone in his audience a cup of coffee that life on other planets would be discovered by 2026.

Ya know, I think I met him the other day at the Waffle House.

Just trying to hear from my far away friends!

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