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So much is going on in the world, it’s almost impossible to come UP with just one topic!

So, in lieu of a lengthy post about one subject, here is a lengthy post are  just a few headlines from the weekend.

Prince William isn’t going to wear a wedding ring.  YAWN!  Who cares, and why is this news?  There are lots of men out there who don’t wear jewelry at all…this is a non story. 

And, in more Will and Kate news, Wills is going bald…gosh, is this a crime in England?

Japan is telling the world that it might take MONTHS to stop the radiation leaks.  Dude, it’s radiation, it leaks, it’s everywhere, stopping it really isn’t an option…again not news.

The top rebel leaders in Libya want a democracy.  Well, who doesn’t?  After a jillion years of a dictator, democracy sounds good, but, will it be a democracy, or an Islamic Republic…there’s a difference, just in case you were wondering.  As to Mr. Gadhafi, he’s a thug, but he’s been our thug for years, so…this could be news.

Charlie Sheen’s road show didn’t go that well on opening night.  Apparently, he’s not made for Stand UP!  Shocker, who’s winning now?  Note to Chuck Lorre:  I’m ready to play Evelyn’s brother for half, 1/3, 90% of what you were payin’ Charlie!

There’s a town in Wyoming with four residents, the US Census only found one on the first go around (minimum wage?), the other three were pissed, they stood UP, were counted, all is well in Lost Springs…but apparently not all is well with the US Census Bureau…your tax dollars at work? 

And, a 92 year old woman in Australia is going on trial for the clubbing and stabbing death of her husband of 70 years.  Clara Tang, seriously, I did not make that name UP, pled guilty on grounds of mental illness.  Again, shocker, she has been diagnosed with dementia, thought her husband was poisoning her food, and took matters into her own hands.  The real question is, “Why was a 98 year old man cooking?”  and, “Who’s looking after the elderly in Australia?”  She was originally denied bail as a “threat to the community”…ya think?  But, they released her to a nursing home.  Hopefully the cook there is good at the incognito thing.

Enrique Iglesias pulled out of the Britney Spears tour.  Too much ego for one stage?  Brit denied it at first, but Enrique’s people say he was supposed to be a co headliner, not an opening act.  Apparently Enrique opens for no one “Tonight” or any other night for that matter.  (The link is for the cleaned UP version!!)

And of course, the big news, March Madness is OVER tonight!  And I’m so glad!  Only four months till football…YEAH!

Here’s hoping for a more interesting week ahead!

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