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As I sat in my room watching the cat use her butt as an after dinner mint, seeing Steven Tyler age by the minute on American Idol and waiting for the muse to come, I realized that April 7th is the official birthday of the internet.

The internet began as a cold war project.  The goal was to create a communications network that would be immune to nuclear attack.

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men…

In 1969, the US government created ARPANET, which connected four western universities and allowed users to access the mainframes of each institution.

By 1971, there were 23 connections.

Warping forward to 1993, the development of Mosaic, an internet web browser is considered the beginning of the internet boom.

The Mosaic, was a result of the Gore Bill…yes, the Gore in that bill was Al Gore.  Now, Al didn’t invent the internet nor did he ever say he invented the internet.   He was responsible for the bill that led the way for the information super highway.  And, as a super nerd in his youth…not much has changed…and a super nerd in the Senate and the VP’s office, he deserves some credit for helping us to communicate the way we do.

The internet was the creation of academia, the US government, and a few private industires.  The scholars and the lawmakers pushed it the most (IBM predicted that only a few dozen PCs would be needed – OOPS!)…once industry found out just how much cash they could make, they got on board, and things heated UP!

Thousands of nerds out there are responsible for the complex system we all love, hate, rely on, and freak out about.  So, wish the internet a happy birthday, tweet, facebook, post, and chat yourselves into a frenzy, what the heck…it’s a pretty important birthday!

I mean, after all, you wouldn’t be able to read Redneck Latte Ravings without it.

And that would be sad.

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