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…for lots of things.

Family, friends, foes, failures, fettucini.

Victories, virtues, vacations.

Smiles, sunshine, software, Sundays, sweet-n-low.

The Internet, ice cubes, iced tea.

Crayons, computers, Cher, Coffee!

And I’m thankful for the people who take time from their lives to read what I write once in a while.

Some of you I know.  Many I’ve never met.  It facinates me that people who don’t know me face to face will read me from afar.

The ‘readers map’ on my stat counter tells me you’re from places I’ve been, places I’ve never been, and places I’ve never heard of!

From the one in Bodo, Norway who checks in once and a while, family, friends, locals, strangers, old high school friends, and to the person in Lafayette, LA who reads me everyday, whom I don’t even know, Thanks!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.

And to the 48,000 + who have checked me out over the last 13 months, Thank you as well, and please keep coming back!

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