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…24 hour news casts are a good thing.

I don’t watch the news much any longer, actually, I quit in 2,000.  That whole Bush/Gore mess was just too much to take.

And, it wasn’t news.

It was commentary.

I could really give a rat’s ass what most of the people on TV think.  I’m smart enough to come UP with opinions on my own…some of them even have basis!

The news hounds are always waiting for the next big story;  Casey, OJ, bin Laden, war, death, destruction, famine, flood, tsunami.

Yes, we need to know what’s going on in the world, but the news hounds keep it pumped UP 24 hours a day and it’s eating our brains.

Casey Anthony was fried and tried by the press.  Nancy Grace and Joy Behar in particular determined her guilt and convinced the American public of it early on.   And every former prosecutor in a cocktail dress – what UP wid dat?- had their say.

But there were twelve people who weren’t allowed to watch the 24 hour news casts, and those twelve people based on the evidence made a decision that was totally opposite to Nancy, Joy, Sean, etc, etc., etc.

And it’s not just the Casey case either.

And what about that French IMF guy, Strauss-Kahn?  We, myself included,  had him guilty on the word of someone who’s been discredited…he’s going to walk too.

Maybe the “perp walk” is a bad thing.

How many times do we really need to see the tsunami hitting the beach, or the levee in New Orleans breaking, or the planes flying in to the World Trade Center?

It’s not news.  It’s infotainment.

It’s a way for the networks to make money and for the commentators to make money.  And it’s money that comes from us when we buy products that sponser the station or when we pay for cable.  If we don’t watch, the advertisers don’t pony UP the cash to pimp their products, and the show doesn’t go on.

Now, there’s a thought!

It is Wordless Wednesday afterall.  Where’s the remote?

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