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…back to me for a minute.

It’s interesting who reads my blog once in a while.  I have the faithful two few, some who drop in once in a while, some old friends, family, and even a few ‘stars’.

But one guy, the editor of Lion Magazine got google alert wind of my simple Saturday post on April 17, 2010 about the Lion’s Club buying my first pair of glasses.

I didn’t say much, just support your local Lions since they were so good to me.

Well, imagine my surprise when I got an email from someone I did not know, Maria Blackburn.  Maria is a free lance writer who was doing a story about kids who got their glasses from the Lions and “‘where they are now”.

I was thrilled to be asked, and happy to participate.

The Germantown Lions Club did buy my first pair of glasses when I was in the third grade.

I was cute!

My Lions Glasses.

The glasses were in then, and back in now!  I’ve always been a fashion maven…just get over it.

Well, the article is out, and you can read it by clicking here.  The story starts on page 15, and I’m on page 16.  But, it’s not all about me…I know that’s hard to believe, and hard for me to take, but there are others who were just as fortunate as I.  Read about them too.

What’s not in the story is how my folks heard about the Lions program of free glasses for those who need them.  Mother ran an in-home day care and kept tons of kids over the years.  One of them was a kid named Andy Schaeffer.  Andy’s dad was a Lion.  Mother simply said to his mom, Louise, “Paul David is getting glasses.”  And Louise took it from there.  Phil, her husband set it all UP.  Andy’s brother, Chris was a childhood friend and classmate.  We caught UP at the reunion last weekend.

I was also caused to smile when another lady whom I did not know, walked into the 40th class reunion and said, “You’re the man I read about in a magazine today on the way UP.”  Her husband, Dr. Dwight McElfresh, another life-long friend, is a college professor at Ashland College, and a Lion as well.

The Lions have a huge and far reaching impact…and that’s a good thing.

So, read the article, allow me my 15 minutes of fame, and support your local Lions Club.  There are kids out there who need to see!

Thanks again,  to the Germantown Lions Club.  You made a difference for me.

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