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The U.S. Department of Agriculture says a Nebraska meatpacker has recalled 33,000 pounds of beef tongue.

OK, who in this country is eating 33,000 pounds of tongue?  Really, give me ONE good recipe!

Apparently, inspectors from the USDA have discovered that the tonsils were not completely removed from the tongues processed by a meatpacking firm in Omaha.

How sad for the poor soul who has this job….really, he’s in a bar, hitting on some really hot girl:

Her:  “What do you do?”

Him:  “I rip the tonsils off the tongues of dead cattle.”

Her:  “TAXI!!!”

Surely, this is one lonely man!

Tonsils are specified as “risk” material for mad cow disease….excuse me, you are eating the TONGUE!  Are you really worried about MAD COW DISEASE?

Oh yes, Tonsilectomies are required for “cattle of all ages”! 

Now, there’s a health care bill!


(From the TMI category, the author was born without tonsils.  Really, according to the US Navy, I have none, according to my Mother, I never had them removed.  ergo:  born without them!  EWWWW!)

Of course the USDA wants to make us all feel better by saying there is “low risk to human health.”

Again, I say, you’re eating tongue!

Most of the stuff went to California, darn those trendy Hollywood types!

If you’re tongue shopping, look for the “EST. 889A” on the USDA mark of Inspection.  OK, let me get this straight, they inspected it, and now they are recalling it!  Good Job USDA, thanks for lookin’ out!

So, if you don’t mind, I’ll pass on the Tongue!

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