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…is one of my favorite sad Christmas songs. 

It depends where you call home I guess, but I’ll be home for Christmas this year.  Literally, my home.

In 33 Christmases I can recall maybe five Christmases when I’ve actually been at my home on Christmas day. 

We usually go away.

This year, it’s different.

My two children are grown, one working and one in college and working, so things are a little dicier when it comes to ‘gettogethers’.


As much as I’d love to see my brothers and sisters and Mother and Daddy,  I’m glad at least that we’ll all be together.   At least for Christmas Day.

It will be a different kind of Christmas.

We’re all adults.  The childhood joy of waking up on Christmas morning isn’t there, and the exhausted joy of a Dad watching his kids open presents isn’t as acute.  We can all buy pretty much what we need, so the gifts, as much as I like getting them and giving them (in that order), aren’t all that important.

It’s the time together.

It’s priceless!

Merry Christmas from UP @rednecklatte.com

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