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This is the grave of my Great Aunt Hessie and her husband Taylor. 

Notice anything amiss?

That’s right…”Asleep in Jesues”…and all this time I thought they were Baptist!

She died in 1955, you would think that in the past 54 years someone would have said…

“ya know, Jesus only has one E!” 

“Rekon we oughta’ fix that?”

Sadly, I’ve been to that graveyard fifty times…big family…lots of funerals…I like graveyards…and I’ve never, never noticed this until my brother, Charlie pointed it out.

But why, I ask, did not one of her children:

A. fix it.  (Like my Mother did when she discovered that BOTH her Grandmother and Grandfather’s tombstones had their last names spelled incorrectly, and two different ways too boot!  This must be an area-wide problem)

B. Make the moron ( and I say that with all the Christian Charity I can muster) fix it.

Tombstones are almost as expensive as an engagement ring…and I ask, would any of the girls have taken a flawed diamond?

I don’t think so. 

Now, I know that Aunt Hessie would have gotten a great laugh out of that.  (I actually remember her, which is amazing , since I was three years and three months old when she died).  And it is very possible that it was done before she died.  After all, Uncle Taylor, whom I never knew, died in 1920.  I’m guessin’ it was put up after she died. 

And I know that it really doesn’t matter to her as it’s very presence indicates there are other things on her mind.

But, really folks,  all the people in Mexico can spell Jesus!

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