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…this were true!

I’m not a horoscope person;  yes, I read it every day.  But it’s just for fun.  I don’t believe it.

I frankly don’t even like the name of my sign.  Cancer!

Seriously, couldn’t they have come UP with something better?

I really don’t like that crab thing either…what, me, crabby, I seriously doubt that anyone would EVER say that!

Who's crabby, me?

And don’t tell me the alternative is Moonchild, too many images there!

But…this year, my “outlook” sounds too good to be true…

Year 2011 Overview

Just when you thought that life couldn’t possibly throw any more twists or turns along life’s once tedious path, along comes the unpredictable but exhilarating energy of 2011 (operative word being ‘exhilarating’). Partnerships continue to confront you with your deepest needs and fears but your career shows incredible promise and renewal. (Oh, sure!)  You receive the lucky touch of Jupiter from January to June. Expect major expansion and recognition on all fronts.  (Does this mean weight gain?  Let’s hope not!)

Promotions, opportunities to expand your social world and work-related travel are all potential gifts when the wheel of fortune spins in your favor for the first half of the year. (Travel, NO!  Especially, air travel!)  The second half of 2011 brings a spectacular slew of new friends, alliances and networking opportunities when Jupiter moves into your house of dreams, goals and community.(Blogtroversy anyone?)   Venus showers you with extra doses of love and cash for the month of July, just in time for your birthday. (OK, Cash and love are nice.)  And Mars brings the action, energy and work in August and early September.  (Work!!)

Get ready to jet set this spring and/or summer when the planet of glamour enters your long-distance travel sector this April. (Again with the flying!!)  Your homebody instincts give way to the lure of travel and adventure in 2011. Fall and winter bring the return of dreamy Neptune to your sector of transformation for one last jaunt between August and 2012.

too good to be true…that’s because it probably is.


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