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Sometimes I catch myself thinking.

I probably isn’t a bad thing, but I’m sure it can be dangerous.

But, sometimes, I wonder…

For instance, I wonder who does Flo’s hair on those GEICO  Progressive commercials, and if they get paid.  Because they shouldn’t, you know.

I wonder why I like many of Meryl Streep’s movies, but I can’t stand Meryl?

Why Stanley Tucci doesn’t get more awards?  He’s in everything, can play anything, and works all the time, and he really, really good!

Why anyone would use Hamburger Helper.  And why there are over 60 kinds of it, I mean, what’s wrong with hamburger?

Why one of the side effects of every heart medicine I take is “possible heart attack!”

Why minute rice takes 90 seconds in the microwave.

How Brooke Burke got a TV show.

Who taught the dog to talk on the Advantix commercial.

If Justin Case is really that guy’s name or if he changed it for the commercial.  I mean really, did they look all over for a guy named Justin Case?

If a Twinkie really would survive a nuclear holocaust.

Why Project Runway is still on.

Who is Marcus Bachman kidding?

When the US press decided to turn on the President?

Why the pioneer wives didn’t look at the men and say,”It’s too damn cold here in the NorthWest Territory, take a left at Indianapolis!”

Why some people don’t think the rules apply to them.

I mean, I just wonder.

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