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Scientists have found a gene in people with diabetes and cholesterol problems that is a ‘master switch’ which controls other genes found in fat in the body!



They say it could help in research on other obesity related diseases.


In a study published in the journal Nature Genetics, the British researchers from King’s College, said that since fat plays an important role in peoples’ susceptibility to metabolic diseases like obesity, heart disease and diabetes, the regulating gene could be target for drugs to treat such illnesses.


10% of medical spending in the US is on obesity related diseases.  One in ten adults, worldwide, are obese…that’s about half a billion people.  And it isn’t just wealthy countries like the US, France, and The UK.  The fat problem has slipped its way into the poorer nations as well.

Well, at least the West is sharing.

The King’s College team analyzed 20,000 genes in fat samples…another reason I’m not a researcher.  The samples were taken from 800 sets of twins. 

Now, there’s a want ad:  “Apply within, fat twins needed, low self-esteem welcome.” 

They found a gene, which they call KLF14, it acts as the ‘master switch’ and found that it’s a domineering SOB and, they found that it controls processes that connect changes in the behavior of subcutaneous (lying under the skin for those of us without a Medical degree)  fat to disturbances in muscle and liver that contribute to diabetes and other conditions.


So there, it’s not the cheesecake, it’s the genes.

Not Guilty!

Kinda give a whole new meaning to the age old question, “Do these jeans make me look fat?”

Well, maybe!

Have a great Monday.

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