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There are days when I look at the computer screen and think, “I got nothin’!”

Oh, I want to write.  I want to say something pithy, profound, perfectly proper for the moment.  I want to tell it like it is, and I want to tell it like it should be, but it’s just not there.

This is one of those days.

I could carp about Kim Kardashian’s wedding this weekend, and how her family is “famous” for what I don’t know, but there’s really little to say.  Another Hollywood vacuous vixen snagged another millionaire athlete.  And I suppose I could really rage about the fact that People magazine has paid her $1.5 million for the rights to her wedding photos!  Hey, I’ll sell mine for half that!

Is that really news? 

I think not. 

I could bemoan the fact that Brookwood got its hat handed to them in the opening game of the football season.  But, it happened, and there’s not a darn thing to do about it, but hope they get their act together and win their way back to State!

I could bitch about the bear folks are seeing in Helen, GA, that tiny German looking burg in North Georgia that takes the tourists’ money and has a beer fest once in a while.  But, then who cares.  Seems the bears were really there first, it the woods afterall, and maybe he was just passin’ through on his way to a cooler spot.

I could harangue about the heat, and even though it’s been awful, we’re in the South and at least it’s not Texas.

I could piss and moan about the Palins, but you’re probably tired of that.  I could go on and on about Bristol’s new reality TV show, but everyone knows that with the exception of DWTS, I can’t stand and don’t watch reality TV.  I remember when the only reality TV included Walter Chronkite and Peter Jennings!

I could preach about Rick Perry, but he’s doing enough of that himself!

I could type tepid tomes about taxes and how the GOP and Democrats need to play nice, but I’ve done that, and frankly, if you wanted that you wouldn’t be here, you’d be elsewhere!

Or, I could talk about the UCLA professor who has sworn off mirrors for a full year, vowing not to even take a peek at herself on her wedding day, but there are just some things that even Rod Serling can’t explain.

So, since I really have nothing to write a bout at all, I’ll just say, have a great Monday.

Other than that, I got nothin’!

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