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In conversation recently, someone said, “I read your blog the other day.  Isn’t a blog supposed to be about your life?”

Something similar to this has happened before, from family no less!

I waited a few seconds before answering, and replied, “Some are, and a few people think so, but my blog is my blog, and I write about what interests me, or what I think the folks reading it might like.”

He wasn’t convinced.

His argument was that a blog is a biographical log of ones life.

No, that’s a diary, and no you can’t read that!

And on top of it, my life isn’t all that interesting, I mean aside from nearly driving off a mountain or going to my high school reunion or my kids, or the people I meet.

Seriously, would anyone read this:

Wake UP, tweet the blog out, put the blog on facebook, check a few blogs,  coffee, breakfast, crossword, walk, gym, tan, shower, check stat counter, check the blog for comments, re-tweet the blog out, check facebook again, work, go to lunch where I eat a salad, go back to work, go home, check the blog, check statcounter, check a few more blogs, facebook, go to bed and start all over again.

Yeah, I’ll write about Alexander the Great, or Elizabeth Taylor, or books or movies I read or see, and keep the boring day to day stuff to myself.  I mean seriously, my kids are past that “cute” stage, and I have no poop stories to tell, and if I did, I wouldn’t share them anyway.

So, you can expect more history, literature, news, opinion, opinion, opinion, and as much funny as I can come UP with.

You don’t need to know what I had for lunch!

But, in case you do, it’s always a salad!

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