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…is getting it all together again.

AT&T, formerly AT&T is buying T-Mobile for a crap load of cash $39 BILLION!!!

I’m sure Judge Green is spinning in his grave.

The break UP of the Bell System did a lot for technology and a lot for careers.  But, it killed the low cost telephone service Americans had enjoyed for over a hundred years.

Now, it’s all coming back together, piece by piece.  But, will it help the cost?

Yes, AT&T has agreed to purchase T-Mobile from Germany’s Deutsche Telekom.

Randall Stephenson, AT&T chairman and chief executive says, “This transaction represents a major commitment to strengthen and expand critical infrastructure for our nation’s future.” 

OK, that sounds very Theodore Vailish.  Theodore Vail, was the father of the “Bell System” as well as the US Postal Service.  He believed that everyone should have access to communication infrastructure, and that businesses should pay more so that consumers could afford to have that access.

His theory was you pay for phone service at a rate that subsidizes the rates of the populace, and the populace i.e. the consumers, will call you and will come to you to buy your stuff.

Theo was a really smart guy.

Now, sounds like Randy is too. 

Verizon, AT&T’s largest rival has been a thorn in the flesh.  AT&T has been blasted for not being able to match them, and now, Verizon is selling the Apple iPhone, ending the AT&T monopoly on the device.  And, AT&T has not been able to match the network capacity of Verizon…a problem that will end with this new purchase.  So, hopefully service will go UP, and the price will go down.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

AT&T, can you hear me now?

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