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It’s been a week for it!

Now, J-Lo is all in a tizzy.


Why?  You inquire…

…well,  that pesky first husband of hers, Ojani Noa, which in some language probably means “dirtbag”, is trying to publish a “sex tape”.  Seems the waiter turned chef turned husband turned ex has some footage to sell.


The budding Cuban film maker and his “producer”, Ed Meyer were stopped in court from distributing the materia, but that’s only temporary.

J-Lo, who really is a pretty talented person in many areas, now joins the likes of Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Rob Lowe, Tonya Harding (please, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) and countless of others out there who were stupid enough to say, “sure, you can tape us doing the wild thing, as long as you promise me you won’t publish it, and I know you love me, so I trust you with all my heart, and my pea sized brain!” 

When ANYONE in a relationship, regardless of status, or the time you’ve been together, says, “Hey baby, we’re so good at the horizontal tango, we outta’ tape this.”  it’s time to dump him/her get a new chef. 

Porn is sick enough with out homemade, “just for us” tapes floating around. 

Sadly, there are some millions out there who will purchase the tape, Noa will get his 15 minutes of fame, (and I’m guessin’ the tape isn’t that long) and it and he will eventually fall from the radar screen.  Noa says there is nothing sexual, and that J Lo is trying to “keep him from success”.  Isn’t he doing a good enough job of that by himself?  After all, he had to pay HER $500,000+ for trying to publish a tell all book about their eleven month marriage. 

The guy’s a loser on his own.

But the stigma will linger, J-Lo will be sullied, and forever referred to as another sex-tape victim/star/whatever.    And that’s a sad thing.  She has it all; someone else’s husband, a great career, commercial success, artistic success, and even a clothing and perfume line.  Dont’ get me wrong, I love her music, and “Selena” was a great movie.  She’s a pretty talented gal. I’m actually a fan.  But just as John Glenn broke my heart when he became a Democrat ……….J-Lo has let me down!

So, moral of the story:  Take a page from Nancy Reagan… “Just Say No!”.

He’s a jerk, she was foolish, and anyone who buys it is a perv!

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