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Well now, Aah-nold is upset with the princess bride!

I know this happened yesterday, and it’s already old news, but it is an issue.


Driving while talking (on the phone).


Just call me Maria.

Maria Shriver, wife of the California Govenor, Niece of JFK, Teddy, and Bobby, and daughter of Eunice Shriver (whom I really like, thanks for the Special Olympics!!), was caught by the “incredibly reliable source” of TMZ talking on her cell phone while driving WITHOUT A HEADSET.  (TMZ, the TV gossip show, to which I’m secretly addicted, but will lie and deny ever having seen it from here on.)

OH – MY-  COW!

Maria S

Oh, and they have evidence.

This could get sticky.

AP news source is reporting that the Gov. is “calling out his wife” (hopefully, not while she’s driving) for violating what he signed into law. 

Well now, I guess all marriages aren’t perfect.

Apparently.statewide there is a $20 fine for the first offense.  It escalates (oh..she was driving and Escalade, BTW) from there.  However, in Brentwood, where they live, the fine is $93 and the second one $201.  (And yes, it costs more to do everything in Brentwood.)

How will she pay it? – I suppose all those Hollywood types could take a few bucks from the “Roman Polanski Defense Fund” (yes, there really is one.) and hurl it Maria’s way.

On his Twitter (love it) feed, Gov. S. said that “there would be swift action.”

His spokesman translated that for the public as meaning, “he’ll ask her to stop talking on the phone while driving”.

Well duh!

For the Love of Liz Taylor, don’t you think someone who makes $20 million dollars a movie could afford to buy his wife a Bluetooth?

C’mon Arnie, pony up!

(and to the rest of you out there, practice “safe phone”…don’t talk and drive, unless it’s hands-free!)

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