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A federal judge in Atlanta sentenced a campus cop to 14 years in prison Friday for his role in a drug distribution ring that reached from Atlanta to Boston.

OK, there’s something just WRONG, WRONG, WRONG with that.

Not the sentence, but that it happened at all.

Crooked politicians UPset me – and from the way things are going in Georgia, I’m gonna’ be UPset a lot!

But, Crooked Cops UPset me even more!

It’s such a breach of trust. 

And it is more than disgusting when those who are supposed to UPhold the law, let themselves become above the law.

According to U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates, Richard Trong Ong, 37, was a police officer at Suffolk University in Boston when he distributed 20,000 methamphetamine-laced ecstasy tablets to co-conspirators. 

20,000…that’s some serious trippin’ dude!

He was arrested way back in 2005 at his home in the Boston area. 

Yet, he was tried in Atlanta.

An Atlanta jury convicted the Quincy, Mass. man in August after a week-long trial on “conspiracy drug distribution charges.”

He was the last man standing;  there were more than two dozen “co-conspirators” to be sentenced in the case.

His Atlanta trial was precipitated by the fact that his supplier, a Canadian named Chiem Mach, moved to Atlanta in 2004 to lead a smuggling outfit that imported hundreds of thousands of ecstasy pills from Canada to Atlanta, Yates said.  First Canada sends us Celine Dion, and then this!  Thanks a pant load!

Mach was arrested in 2005 but died in custody while awaiting trial.

Thanks Chiem for saving us the cash and checking out early.  After all, the state is a little strapped.

According to prosecutors, here’s what happened:

On August 6, 2005, Ong met with Mach in a downtown Boston restaurant after finishing his police shift.   Nothing fancy, just some Nachos and a few Brewskies. 

The next day, Mach’s drug courier delivered 40,000 ecstasy tablets to Ong.

Again, nothing fancy, no Louis Vuitton, just a plain old carry-on bag.

On Aug. 10 Ong, was arrested as part of a Drug Enforcement Administration investigation, and three months later Mach and most of the others were rounded UP.

Ong was convicted on charges of “conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute ecstasy and methamphetamine”, and was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Julie E. Carnes to 14 years in prison plus five years of supervised release.

Who’s gonna’ watch him the cops?

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