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…here’s a Thanksgiving Memory from Germantown Elementary School.

Third Grade Thanksgiving

Yes, I know it’s the worst picture ever.

Back in the day, when I was in the third grade our classes at Germantown Elementary School put on a Thanksgiving Play.

My Dad made my hat, fashioned silver buckles for my shoes out of tin foil, and Mother made the collar and dyed an old white shirt black.

Frankly, I think I rocked the pilgrim look.

I’m the first one on the left in the front row.

I was short then too!

The participants are, just in case you’re reading Valley View, are:  Back Row: all teachers, Miss Pearl Rogers, Mrs. Bernice Gaskins, Mrs. Evelyn Sowder, and Miss Belle Morgan.

Front row, all “pupils”:  UP, Teddy Cottingin, Cassandra Yvonne Mikesell, Charles (Chuck) Kuch, Vicki Clensy, Dwight McElfresh, Randy (Phil) Zehring, and Joanie Dalton.


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