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I saw my first Christmas TV ad of the season last night on TV…(where else would I see a TV ad but on TV!). 

I’m just not ready.

Really, I’m not done with all the candy corn, no trick or treaters have pounded upon my door, and we haven’t even bought the turkey yet. 

I am not settled on my Halloween costume for school, and Bass Pro is putting up wreaths.   The Picture with Santa display is already up at Discover Mills…c’mon!

Don’t rush me.

Ashley Furniture is having a Christmas Sale…IT’S OCTOBER!

Now, I’ll admit, I’ve done some shopping.  Not much, but at least the love of my life will have a few things under the tree, even if I don’t get back to the mall.  But really folks, can’t we just enjoy one holiday at a time.

Halloween – stuff yourself with candy until you’re sick.


Thanksgiving – stuff yourself with turkey until you’re sick.


THEN Christmas.


I am always on the lookout for a bargain, and see stuff all year long that might work for Christmas…but I like to savor the holidays…ONE AT A TIME!

The minute Christmas is over Kroger sets up the Valentine’s cards and candy and reminds us that flowers are what a woman wants.

What a woman wants is a man who can cook and clean!

Once the Valentine’s conversation hearts go on sale, it’s the Peeps display…and frankly, I could eat those little suckers all year long, but why so soon?

After Easter, Fourth of July…gotta get that new grill…bar-b-que the ribs, firecrackers, patriotic table cloths and on and on and on!

We barely get over the fire we started with the sparklers and it’s time for Labor Day, when we all don’t labor…unless  your the one making the macaroni salad and chip dip and cooking the burgers and hot dogs!

Then it’s Christmas!

What happened to the Fall holidays?

Can’t we just wait…it’s not like Christmas won’t come around this year?

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