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Half of people in the nation are laughing, the other not so much!

Got Funny?

I do my best to find the humor in everything, and sorry girls, this is hilarious!

The California Milk Board has “altered” it’s new ad campaign after a heat wave of critisim.

One expert chimed in this way:  

Rebecca Cullers, a contributor to AdWeek who wrote an editorial after the “Everything I Do Is Wrong” campaign launched, said she was not surprised that the California Milk Processor Board decided to modify the campaign so quickly.

“The fact is, they’re pretending that women are completely irrational beings during their time of the month and they’re blaming PMS. And PMS has a wide variety of symptoms. It’s having back pains, cramps, irritability,” she said in a telephone interview Thursday evening. “In their mind, it’s something to joke about.”


The Milk Board shot back with this one:

Ad campaign spokeswoman Tatum Wan said it (the campaign) succeeded in promoting the board’s message that milk can soften the effects of PMS symptoms.

Tatum, BTW, is a woman…and I’m guessin’ a well paid one at this point!

The milk board’s executive director, Steve James, was traveling Thursday and unavailable for comment. Earlier in the week, he told The Associated Press that the campaign was not intended to be offensive but rather to encourage men and women to have a conversation about a sometimes taboo topic.

Taboo topic?

People have been talking about milk for years!

So, funny, not funny, you decide.

But I’m still laughing.

But, then, if a tree falls in the forest, I’m still wrong!

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