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My copy of GQ arrived Saturday.

Yes, shocker, I’m sure, I have a subscription.

But, it is about to expire soon.

As I’m sure you’ve all heard the “children” of the corn television show GLEE are being exploited on the cover and among the pages of GQ.

 Glee Gone Wild!

The ‘watch-dog’ group, Parents Television Council has raised a bally-hoo and brouhaha about the bodacious bods bounding beyond the cover!

They have referred to it as near-ild-chay ornography-pay.

I’m typing it that way, alas, not because I’m a prude…which you may have inferred already, but because I don’t want some perv googling ild-chay ornography-pay, and coming UP with my generally family friendly blog.

But, enough about me.  Back to  Glee Q.

GQ this month as gone no further than they usually do, and the pictures inside the magazine are about as racy as a Victoria’s Secret catalogue.

Only Victoria’s Secret has no men in it.

And the only guy pictured in GQ is fully clothed.


Usually if they aren’t in suits, they’re in skivvies.

Just in case anyone out there in the cyberworld, or on Mars for that matter, doesn’t know, the people who ACT on Glee are actors.  For that matter, adult actors playing teenagers.

I’m sure we’ve all lied about our age at least once in our lifetime!

So, buy the magazine, don’t buy the magazine, I really don’t care…but get over it!

Oh, BTW, Mary Martin and Sandy Duncan who played Peter Pan, a boy, were women and actors as well, but neither of them could really fly!

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