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Only recently I posted positive ways to get noticed at work.

You know, things that would help.

Here are some sure-fire ways to get noticed that may get you the type of attention you don’t want.

Attention like –  a curbside, coaching, or corrective with the boss, termination, a SWAT team.

Stuff like that.

  1. Declare Fridays as “Casual Thong Day”, and follow through.
  2. Tell the boss to “pick a finger”.
  3. Take “slap a co-worker day” seriously.
  4. Tell the change team that their multi-million dollar idea “sucks out-loud”.
  5. French kiss a customer.
  6. Walk into the lunch room and take bites from everyone’s plate.
  7. Take the last four donuts.
  8. Sell you desk-top computer on Craig’s List.
  9. Dress UP like the boss for Halloween.
  10. Talk in baby talk all day.
  11. Hit on the boss’ wife at the Christmas Holiday party.
  12. Call it the Christmas Party.
  13. Tell everyone you’re wearing adult diapers because bathroom breaks steal company time.
  14. Say “All rise!” everytime the boss comes into the room.
  15. On bring your daughter to work day, get the wait-staff from Hooters to come have lunch with Daddy.
  16. Explain to everyone that the bottle of Jack Daniels on your desk IS lunch!
  17. Wipe your hands on the boss’ shirt sleeves when coming from the restroom, and say, “they’re out of paper towels again.”
  18. Bring a vuvuzela to work and watch the World Cup for 31 days on your I-phone.
  19. Forward every piece of “inspirational” spam to the “all office staff” mail list.
  20. Call in sick for a week and come back with an awesome tan and a new candy dish that says “Carnival Cruise Lines!

I’m sure they’ll notice!

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