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I love High School Football. 

Especially Brookwood Football, and especially the Brookwood – Collins Hill games. 

For some reason, even though they aren’t “the” official rivals of BHS, Collins Hill puts on a good show at home or away.  It’s always a good game.

Friday night was no different.  In the first region game of the season, Brookwood came out victorious, but it didn’t start that way.

CHS was UP 6 in the first quarter, Brookwood blocked the kick for the PAT, and then scored on a 74 yard run. 


High School Football!

Brookwood was leading handily at the half, but things were looking like they were going Collins Hill’s way when they tied the score at 31-31 with only two minutes to go.

DOUBLE OVERTIME settled the score and BHS came out on top – 45-38!

It was better than the Thrilla in Manilla!

Throw in the added perks of getting to eat a hot dog, seeing friends from school, and watching the band (yes, my kids were band nerds GEEKS!), it was a great way to spend a Friday Night!

Support your local teams!  It’s fun, inexpensive, and great entertainment.

Yes they did!

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