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My High School Reunion is at the end of this month!

VVHS 1970

How did this happen?

I said A, pick A!

Seems just a short time ago, I really did look like this!
I’m excited, really excited about going back to Germantown for the doings.
It’s at the Eagles’ Lodge, a private “club” with a bar – Big Surprise!!  The VVHS class of 1970 was known for it penchant for “adult beverages” even back then.
They could have planned to hold it at Hate Kate Gosselin’s house, and I would go.   I’m not gonna’ miss it.
To help us out, Victoria Flores posted some Do’s and Don’ts on the Alumni Website.
Here’s her advice, with some thougths of my own, in italics – cause I’m fancy that way.

The DO’S

Do realize that upon entering the reunion, everyone is having the same thought you are: “How did everyone else get so old?”

Opening lines not to use: 

  • Wow, you were never that fat in high school!
  • Hey, your skin cleared UP!  What are you using?
  • Gee, you husband looks so different than at the last reunion (remember, 50% of marriages last forever!)
  • I see you’re still a drinker!
  • How was prison?

Do upload all your reunion information on the alumni web site and email everyone your reunion information to get more alumni attending.

Don’t be snarky about this, even if he was the big bully that shoved your skinny butt into a locker or flipped you with a towel in Gym Class, he deserves to be there, so share!  After all, he is probably a loser now, and you can garner joy in his misery.  It’s wrong, but it feels good!

Do resume old friendships without blaming each other for not calling or writing. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll feel comfortable with old friends.

Starting the conversation with, “I thought you’d died or something, since you never call, write, text, or email!  What happened to you?  You probably don’t want to know why they stopped calling, writing, texting, or emailing, you may be a jerk, and they just didn’t like you anyway!  Who wants to learn that?

Do find out which hotel everyone is staying at and join them. Even if you live in your class hometown, still get a hotel room where everyone is staying. This is a great way to have a blast after the reunion.

I’m not so sure about this one.  Spending the night with people you’ve not seen in 40 years?  Seriously, stay where you want to, and I frankly think this is just an excuse to get drunk since you don’t have to drive!  Oh, yes, don’t drink and drive!  Enough of the class is dead already!

Do talk to people you didn’t know very well in high school. You may find they’re having an interesting life and end UP with a new friend.

I’ve been perusing the VVHS 1970 Spartan yearbook for the last few days, and frankly, I don’t remember going to school with some of these people, it was the “60s” after all, and well, some of you just weren’t very interesting.

Do remember that you brought your spouse. Chances are they don’t know anyone at the reunion so be polite and make sure to include them in activities and conversations.

Here’s a thought, leave them at home!  Really, you know you’ll be catching UP with folks, and you don’t want him or her to have a miserable time and be a complete wall-flower.  If you’re married/living in sin with have a significant other/dating someone with a personality, then take them along!  And if they grew UP in the same town, and graduated within a few years of you, they know people already.  Everyone is responsible for their own good time

If you have a “trophy” spouse, take them…seeing other people turn green with envy is always fun!

Do take your camera and take pictures. Not everyone is able to attend the reunion. Those who missed out would love to see pictures from the reunion.

Seriously, looking like a Japanese tourist at Disney is A OK when it comes to events like this.  Take pictures, share them, and you may get some blackmail material if you’re lucky.

Do thank the class officers who organized the reunion events, and had to track down everyone!

Good advice, I’m sure it’s hard work, say thanks!  And mean it.

Do realize that organizing a reunion is a big financial burden. Try and pay early and/or R.S.V.P. as early as possible to help out the class organizers. Most places need to be reserved and without payment from those attending, it can be really hard for a reunion to get organized.

I agree on the let them know early if you’re going to be there part, after all the caterer has to be told, and knowing that you’re going to show UP just might change the number of guests expected…one way or another…depending on just how big of a jerk you were in High School!


Don’t assume the Reunion Committee contacted everyone in the class. If you’ve kept in touch with classmates, take a few minutes to send their names and addresses to the Committee and thank them for taking care of the details.

I have scoured Facebook, Twitter, Google, and tried to find everyone I see in the book.  Darn that maiden/married name crap.  I know men love it when a woman takes their name,  but it sure makes tracking people down difficult!    And on top of that, it’s your reunion too, why not call someone you remember and say, “Hey, are we gettin’ togther this year?”

Don’t dress too young – With today’s advances in skin and body treatments, it’s not impossible to look really hot at your 50th high school reunion. But remember to dress age appropriately. You can still look great without going overboard.

A to the MEN on that one, Shop at Forever 58, because that’s how old we all are!  And, yes, I know it’s in a bar, but gussy UP a little, you don’t want to make everyone gasp when you walk in the room…unless you look awesome!

Don’t pretend to remember someone. It is completely okay to not remember people.


This could be a real issue for me.  People tell me I haven’t changed…and that’s a HUGE LIE!  I wasn’t bald and gray in High School.  As to people I don’t remember, I’m sure there will be plenty, it wasn’t all that huge of a class, but I didn’t hang out with everyone.  If I don’t know who you are, I don’t know who you are, and I’ll ask!


Don’t be embarrassed by divorce. With the rate of divorce being an astounding 50%, many people won’t even think twice about it.

So, you had 40 boyfriends in High School, why should anything else change!  I’m just as happy to meet your fourth husband as I was to meet the third at the last reunion.

Don’t worry too much – Once you get there and start seeing old friends, catching up, sharing baby pics and swapping email addresses, you’ll find that your preoccupation with looks will start to disappear.

Bull!  I will spend the evening worrying about everything, and  asking myself if I look as old as the folks around me!  Vanity abounds.

Don’t spend all your time catching up with those you’ve already known, reach out to those you haven’t seen in years.

This is sooooo true!  At the last reunion (the 25th) I ran into people I never hung out with in HS, and they were great people, makes you wonder why you didn’t get to know them…youth, stupidity, who knows…try to talk to everyone!

Don’t take your entire library of family albums and vacation pictures spanning the past 20 years. But, DO take along a few pictures of your kids (and, of course, grand and great-grandkids, where appropriate). Old friends are really happy to see them. And, you’d like to see (a few) of their pictures.

Honestly, do not come in there with a laptop and a Power Point presentation of the last 40 years of your life, it’s only one night, and it starts at 6!

So, go, have a good time, look me UP, I’ll be the one with the Tan!


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