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…Back in the 80’s, Coca-Cola came out with the NEW Coke.

It sucked.

It was a disaster.

No one liked it.

They went back to the original recipe…supposedly.

Frankly, Coca Cola hasn’t tasted the same since they screwed UP the original in the last century.

Well, hand it to Frito Lay to do the same thing to Tostitos.

Whole Grain Tostitos!!



Imagine my disappointment at the sUPer-market Saturday when I looked for good old corn chips.

I was in the mood for a Taco Salad.

Felt domestic, and decided to make one.

With the cart loaded to the rim with taco trimmings, the last thing on the list was Tostitos.

Because I like the brand, I like the corn taste, and I wanted them.

But, alas, no regualr chips.

There were ones with a hint of lime.

Artisan chips with chipotle, red pepper, basil, and who knows what else.

And all of them were made with WHOLE GRAIN!

So, Frito-Lay, if the earth shoe wearing bra burning tofu eating health nazis are badgering you about your product, please listen to a voice from the other side.  We’re tired of people telling us what’s good for us.

Taco chips are bad for you, we know that, we like that, so stop the maddness, bring the REAL ones back!  Because, in Gwinnett County, GA, there are enough Carnecerias, Bodegas, and Mexican Food Stores for me to find REAL ones.

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