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A friend of mine, we’ll call her Cheneaquea, was a tad miffed this week at work. 

Well, not “at work”, but while she was working.

Seems her first grader came home and asked, “Where were you Mommy, when the planes hit the towers?”

Cheneaquea was, in her words, “stunned” at the question. 

Seems that she, like myself, wonders if the Attack on the WTC is really an appropriate topic for 1st grade students.

Her son even asked her, “why do people hate us so much?” and if she knew that 196 people died on one flight alone.

I’m not suggesting that we ignore history, nor that we water down what really happened that day, but some things just aren’t ‘age appropriate’.

If questions come UP, then answer them.  Subjecting an entire class room of six year olds to the horros of the 9-11 attacks by radical Muslim extremists may just be a tad over the top.

Questions with very difficult answers follow a history lesson like that.  And the images are horrifying enough for someone of my generation.

Every one needs to know, and every one of us needs to remember what happened that September day in 2001, but there’s a time, a place, and an age of understanding.

Don’t kids have enough to worry about?

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