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Baby it’s cold out side…isn’t just a great song!  It’s true this time of year.

Unusually so for Georgia!

Coats, scarves, gloves, long johns…just not workin’.’

And according to some sources, neither is that fireplace.


Well, it might be working for a romantic evening, or a night of fun with the kids, but keeping the house warrm,

not so much!

A roaring fireplace brings memories of home to some, makes our Christmas Cards prettier, and temporarily warms our hands after we come in from the cold.

But it just ain’t gettin’ it when it comes to heatin’ the place UP.

Fire is mankind’s oldest form of heat, at least that we know of.

We don’t know who discovered it, but if it were someone today, he’d be living in Beverly Hills along with movie stars and swimmin’ pools!

He’d make a fortune.

Greek mythology would have us believe that Premetheus gave fire to man.


Poor Prometheus, he was punished dearly for his deeds.

A little history here…Zeus, the head honcho of the Greek Pantheon sent most of the Titans to Hades.

He was pissed because they had rebelled against him and fought him in The Titanomanchy, or the war between the gods and the Titans. 

The Titans were not the football team from the movie, but a group of 12 super gods who ruled the world.

Well, Prometheus did not side with the Titans, and when Zeus won out, Prometheus was spared from the Hades vacation the rest of the boys got.

Zeus gave Prometheus the task of forming man from water and some other stuff.  (Sugar, spice, and everything nice for the gals, and snakes and snails and puppy dog tails for the boys.)

Promo got a little too fond of the human race.

Zeus wanted man to have little power, and was especially concerned about man having power over fire.  Prometheus, as his man love grew, decided to teach mankind how to start and use fire.

Zeus, again, pisssed.

So as a punishment, he chained Prometheus to the side of a mountain where a raven came every day and ate his liver.

The liver grew back every night, and the raven came back again.

Zeus, nice guy.

No matter where it came from, man for thousands of years has used fire to cook, to punish, to purge, and to heat.

But fire, especially fireplaces just aren’t all that efficient.

An EPA study (and you know how much I love the EPA!) tells us that fireplace efficency is about 7%.

Most of the heat escapes of the chimney, and for every one hundred dollars you spend on firewood, you get $20.oo worth of heat.

Oh my cow!

Of course the EPA is also concerened about the air pollution caused by fireplaces, both inside and outside your home.   I checked with Al Gore, so I know it’s true.

And they are messy.

Very messy.

And some say dangerous.

There are hundreds of fire place disasters each year.

Some even resulting in pregnancy.

Now, it is possible to heat a home with wood fires.  Just not the old fashioned way.

There are modern, EPA certified wood stoves out there, a new trend is pellet stoves, which are efficient and affordable. 

Gas fireplaces are more efficient too.  But in my mind terribly expensive.  We have gas logs, and frankly, due to the cost I’ve not turned them on in years.

So, if you are using a fireplace to heat the house, be careful.


I like having you around.   Gotta keep the readership UP and all.

Stay warm, cuddle UP!


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