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Right after I started Blogging, I did a post on blue jeans. Actually, I’ve done several, but this one, in case you’ve only started reading me since 10/16/09, is current once again.

Recently the president of Levi’s said, “…don’t wash your jeans…”  I said that long, long ago!

So, a repeat Fashion Friday if you will…with an UPdate or two.

Every once in a while at school, our Principal (who is AWESOME!!) allows us to wear jeans.   It’s a treat! I no longer work at the high school, I was voted off the island shortly after this post…the two events had no correlation, honest, I’m sure they didn’t…hmmmm.

You would think Taylor Swift was coming to town.

It’s like a holiday!

People really get excited.

And so do did I!

Frankly, I’d wear jeans every day, and I think most guys would, but some of them, well, they just  need some help with this.

Most guys think they look like this in jeans…









…but, we don’t!

Usually, it’s more like this.









…and it’s just not pretty!

So guys, there are some rules.


(It’s in the Bible, keep looking.)

You must follow, you must obey, you must comply.

1. Thou shalt not buy crap.

2. Thou shalt buy for comfort, but thou shalt not forget style.

3. Thou shalt buy for your age.  Find a style that fits you and stick with it.

4. Thou shalt not buy crap.

5. Thou shalt let your wife/spouse/significant other/partner/girlfriend/both/all of the above, etc.  shop for your jeans with you.   LISTEN TO HER!  She will tell you the truth as she has to be seen with you in public. And really, she does not want to be ashamed of her  ‘manchoice’.

6. Thou shalt make sure they fit…EVERYWHERE!

7. Thou shalt wash them once before you wear them, and thou shalt let them hang dry the first time.

8. Thou shalt not buy crap.

9. Thou shalt wear them several times before washing them again.  (Really, this is important, you can wear them until they stand up and walk away by themselves before you wash them, they adapt to your body better and hold your shape…which is what it’s all about.)

10. Thou shalt take them to the cleaners rather than wash them…they will always fit the same if you do.

11. Thou shalt hem them if they need it.

oh yes, most importantly,

12. Thou shalt not buy crap.

You, and your family, want to be proud of what’s behind you!

Levi’s CEO/President said you can freeze your jeans to kill any bacteria that may cause odors OR you can spritz them with vinegar and hang them to dry.  

Vodka works as well, but then what would you drink while you’re freezing and spritzing your jeans!

Happy Friday, keep it fashionable.

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