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…if their’s a booger hanging from my nose!

And a few other things as well.

But first, why this post.  At work the other day the boss one of my co-workers leaned in close and whispered, “There is something hanging from your right nostril.” And he was not Joshing around!

He was discreet, polite, and to the point.

I was mortified.

But not offended.

You see, I’d rather know, than have people:

A. talking about me;

B. laughing behind my back;

C. pittying me; or

D. avoiding me.

So, on this fashion friday, on behalf of men everywhere, if we have:

a booger,


an ear hair,


broccoli in our teeth,

I won't go!

gravy on our chin, bird poop on our shoulder,

Oh no you ded unt!

toilet paper on our shoe,

He must have had Sex In The City!

or our fly is open…

Tell us!

Just don’t yell it out from across the room, and if it winds UP on youtube or facebook…well, there’s an ass kickin’ in the future!

Stay Fashionable…check the mirror once in a while.

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