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Seriously people, put some clothes on!

As my vacation winds down I feel I’d be remiss if I did not mention some of the sights I’ve see along the way.

You’ve see the mountains, the valleys, the dams, the restaurants, museums, art, statues, ad infinitum.

And hopefully, along with me, you’ve tolerated enjoyed them.

But what you haven’t seen is the plethora fashion faux pas of my fellow highway travellers. 

And with this exception, you won’t since I don’t want to get sued!


But, just imagine enjoying the beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway when a van load of hayseeds pulls UP and 2,400 pounds of barely covered flesh comes into eye-sight!

Yeah, you get the picture.

Put your shoes on when you get out of the car!  Rest Area bath-room floors….ugh! 

And Moms!  A diaper isn’t an outfit! 

Yes, you can be comfortable, but I want to be able to get my lunch down and keep it there when you walk in!

Seriously, it was butt crack, tube top, ball cap, daisy dukes as far as the eye could see!

And this is coming from a guy who usually looks like this!


Maybe we should all travel in pajamas like the Chinese do! 

Travel Attire!


Sometimes I feel overdressed and under-tattooed!

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