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Here’s the Ass of the Week!

It's August!

A Wendy’s employee told police she was walking UP to the drive-thru window from the inside just after 11 p.m. when a black man wearing a ski mask approached the drive-thru with a gun. She told police the man told her to put the cash drawer on the counter.

Not a walk thru, a drive thru!

Atlanta police said the robber grabbed the cash drawer and took off on foot.

Excuse me, but it’s the drive thru!  Law-breaker! 

One witness told police he saw a man throw something into the bushes by the InTown Suites, which is close to the “Dining Establishment”.

The Atlanta Police sprung into action and found the cash drawer in said bushes and dusted it for prints.

No one said if TAOTW was wearing gloves…let’s hope not! 

Later on, while officers were STILL at the restaurant, Officer K.Y. Jones (no, I did not make that name UP) told a local television station reporter that , a man called the Wendy’s and said, “The next time, there better be more than $586.”

And then he called back.

Caller ID anyone?

So, congrats, Mr. Ski-maskWendy’sArmedRobber, you’re the first Fashion Friday Ass of the Week!

And for all you criminals out there…it’s August – Ski-Masks are “Winter Robbery Wear”…geez, get some fashion sense!

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