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…”You look so cute!”

Unless you’re a puppy or under the age of five, I’m just not sure that’s a compliment. 


At least, I never take it as one.

Dresses, shoes, and hair styles can be cute. 

And we hear this.  A lot… it’s an ice breaker. 

Ladies love cute things.  Cute tops, cute shoes, cute skirts, cute handbags…they like it all. 

We joke about one lady at school just waking up and dumping a “bucket of cute” all over herself and coming in.  And she always looks great, but cute? 

I think not!

And with me.

I am sure not!

Not that it happens a lot, but on the rare occasion when someone comes by and says, that’s cute, or you look cute today; you can expect to find the entire outfit at Goodwill.  Tomorrow!

I’m not cute, don’t wanna be cute, and don’t wanna be called cute.

Most guys don’t.

When you’re in high school, it’s ok to be the cute boy in Chemistry class.

It’s an ego booster.

But when you’re 57 years old, CUTE just isn’t the right word.

Tell me I look nice – I’ll take it.

Tell me I look handsome, I’ll know you’re lying – but I’ll take it.

Tell me my clothes are nice, my hair looks good, that you like my beard, that my shoes look great,

but, please don’t tell me I’m cute.

Most guys don’t wanna be cute.

They wanna be sexy. desireable, good looking, yeah, that’s the ticket!

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