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Don’t freak out, I’m not trashing plaid all together.

But, I’m not wild about it!

Not that anyone gives a crap about what what I say about fashion matters all that much, but I do know there are some, a few, ok –  one who looks to me for fashion advice.

Plaid has its perils.

Some of it is ok.

The plaid flannel shirt is warm and cozy in the winter…when you’re  holed UP in the cabin in the woods and no one will see you. 

This might work!

And plaid shorts are great with a SOLID top.


But the perils of plaid are plentious. 

This generally occurs in early childhood and the later adult years.  Or in Scotland.

And unless you’re making a movie with Mel Gibson, and I doubt that you are since everyone is mad at him, there’s no need to look like this!

Men in Kilts!

Seems the older generation is the worst!  How a once well dressed man I know can get that many different plaids on is beyond me.

So, if you’re going to wear plaid guys, make sure it’s only ONE plaid, top or bottom, not both!

This just won’t do.

Too much plaid!

And guys, no matter how much pressure you get, no matter how popular they are and you want to be:  plaid shoes – take a page from Nancy Reagan, and Just say NO!

Just say NO!

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