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Those of you who know me may wonder why this is a concern, but here goes anyway.

Shampoo manufacturerers won’t say anything about this, but most of that money you’re spending on their products is money down the drain.

Especially the ones with nutrients and ‘active’ ingredients.

“Why?”, you ask.

Well, the shampoo molecules contained in said products are waaaaaaay to big to work their way into your hair cells, and they slide right off and never make it into the hair follicles where your hair (notice I didn’t say our or mine) actually comes from.

They are blocked by the skin and run right off your noggin and down the drain.

This may not sound like a problem, but ponder this if you will;  when you’re growing plants, and you want to fertilize them, you would place the fertelizer on the root, and not the leaves.

YOUR hair, is rather like a plant, or thousands of them, and the nutrients need to go into the roots, not on the hairs.

Alas, what’s a girl/boy to do?

Well, there are companies out there that are researching the problem and at least one of them has come UP with something that looks promising.

The company is called Kronos.

Kronos Hair Care

You may remember my previous post about the Greek Titan of same name.

I’m skeptical, since he couldn’t be trusted.

When the folks at Kronos had solved the problem of getting into the hair – apparently they figured out a ginormous secret way to get into the folicles – , they moved on to concocting ingredients that target the 5 biggies when it comes to damaged hair:

  1. Thinning hair that lacks volume – Guilty!
  2. Dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair – Not me!
  3. Limp lackluster hair – Agan, not me!
  4. Damaged hair with split ends – Not present.
  5. Hair with poor color retention – Again, not a problem, as all my color left years ago.

Kronos is quickly becoming one of the most talked about hair care systems out there in hair care land.

It’s been on TV and even Good Houskeeping has rated it the “#1 overnight hair treatment.”

Kronos is new to the hair care arena, and they are giving it away faster than the cheer squad on Prom night.  But like that, there’s a hidden cost!

I don’t usually pimp things out, which might be the reason I don’t have any advertisers on Redneck Latte Ravings, but feel free to click here for their special trial.  And they are not paying me for this either!

It  includes a full, 60-day supply of four products that each feature the line’s key ingredient and delivery technology: Kronos Shampoo, Kronos Conditioner, the Phyx Overnight Repair Masque that repairs damaged hair while you sleep, and the Liquid Theory Conditioning Detangler that protects hair from thermal damage , i.e. curling irons, hair dryers, crimpers, and hot rollers.

Warren and Julie!

If you’re really interested you can visit the Kronos website and take advantage of these free* trials.

They were working last night, so knock your self out!

Like I said, I don’t need it.

Beautifully Bald

But if you try it out, let me know!

Maybe Kronos is listening.

And, shame on the other guys for all those “inactive” ingredients!



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