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The Kardashian sisters have a new clothing line.

It’s called the Kardashian Kollection, and it’s sold at Sears!

I, for one am quite surprised that the siblings even knew what a Sears was, and I’m pretty sure someone had to tell them.

And, as mean as I’ve been to Kim, Cortney, and the other one, I will have to admit, the ladies must have some business savvy.  Or at least someone with some savvy has gotten ahold of them.

Bruce's Step Daughters

The reason I even know about the Kardashian Kollection is because I was forced to watch GMA Thursday AM while waiting for my car to be worked on at Kauffman Tires, where I’ve been buying my tires for 13 years.  They always treat me right.  But, right there on the TV, all three of the sisters sat with Robin Roberts; the beautiful one, the pretty one, and the other one.  All three of the girls were wearing their own creations.

Robin was wearing a Kardashian Dress from Sears, purple, shirt waist, shirt dress…really quite flattering!

This is not the outfit, I can't find it on Google yet!  Sorry!

This is not the outfit, I can't find it on Google yet! Sorry!

But, alas, the Telly was on GMA, and I was loathe to change the channel as one or two others were rapt with attention as the three ‘ladies’ came on the screen.

As to the business savvy part, the klothes are amazingly reasonably priced.  Quite frankly, I was shocked.  I doubt they’ve ever bought retail, and I doubt they’ve ever paid $49.00 for a jacket.  Most of the klothes are mix and match, and most of them are pretty snazzy.

There is a skanky one or two…but, who’s surprised about that?

OK, a little trampy!

Their line includes;  belts, handbags, intimates, jewelry, sunglasses, women’s and shoes. 

There is no men’s line!  How sad for me!

The klothes were really pretty nice.  And the sisters really seemed to know what they were talking about.  Which brings UP another point:  with all that kash, they really should hire someone to work with their voices.  They are truly Valley Girls.  Oh, there were, no “likes” nor were there “gag me with a spoons”, but the WHINE was deafening. 

They all need a diction coach, elocution education, and nasal nukes!

But, the klothes are pretty kool. 

Especially if your a size 0 or maybe a 1.

This little # is $39.99

A bit of a 1980s flash back, and some serious Nolan Miller influence.  Shoulder pads are back.  Pin stripes are back, ‘wide-leg’ pants (God forbid that we call them Bell Bottoms!), and leggings too.

Who doesn't love a little black dress

Next think you know, we’ll all be listening to Debbie Gibson again, and wearing big hair…well, at least some of you will be wearing big hair!

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