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Marie Antionette was “THE” Queen of Fashion.

Caroline Weber wrote a book about it.  It’s very good, full of interesting facts, and an easy read.

Queen of Fashion

But, this isn’t a book review.

Royalty, Movie Stars, Celebrities, Socialites, and First Ladies have been influencing fashion for centuries.

Marie Antionnette, the Austrian Arch Duchess turned Queen of France, bankrupted the silk industry by simply switching to muslin.

Seriously, it happened.

Mamie Eisnehower made Pink the national color in the 1950s.

Pretty in Pink

Everything Jackie Kennedy wore was copied overnight, and was immediately in style.

Jackie O!

When Lady Di married The Prince of Wales, her wedding dress was copied and in the stores in four hours!

Not so happy ending.

Nancy Reagan’s RED was an instant hit.

Better Red Than Dead.

And her white gowns…  

White out!

…inspired even Beauty Queens.

Barbara Bush gave us Pearls.


And so on, all the First Ladies have had an influence.  No one had wider hooped skirts than Mary Todd Lincoln, and even Hillary Clinton re-UPed the Pant Suit and the head band.

But, no one since Jackie Kennedy has had the impact that Michelle Obama has had on fashion.

THE Little Black Dress

And the fashion industry.

Granted, she’s got the figure and height to pull most anything off.

But what she wears not only impacts what others wear, it impacts the economy.

J.Crew’s sales are UP 45%!

On Leno in J. Crew

Any brand she wears sees an instant UPturn in sales.

Jewel Tones

The colors she chooses are instantly hot…even on people who shouldn’t wear them.

Toning It Down For The Queen

She not only has “fashion sense”, she has good sense when it comes to fashion.

She even toned it down when she met Her Majesty!

But the big impact is the economic impact.

She has worn 29 different brands to date, and their sales have all gone UP.

One single wearing of J. Crew, Old Navy, or any one else can have an overnight impact of $14,000,000.oo!


No wonder they love her.

Now, if someone could just talk to the Queen!

HRM Queen Elizabeth II

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