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I’d like to say, “Just get over it!”

But it really isn’t that easy.

And in most cases, that’s all you can do, because, if it’s gonna’ happen, it’s gonna’ happen. 

A lot of it is hereditary.  But there other reasons as well.

Since UP isn’t a doctor, I’ll leave the reasons to the experts…google it, there’s a ton of stuff out there.

But with me, I was not quite 17 when I started losing my hair.

A Junior in High School.  It made dating a little difficult, hard, non existant!

When I look at the pictures, I can see it now.  But then…DENIAL!

Big time denial.

By the time I was 20, I was as bald then as I am now.

But still, DENIAL!

I even committed the unpardonable sin of buying a toupee.

An expensive toupee.

It was 1972, it cost $600.00.  Now, for someone making $105 a week as a telphone operator at Ohio Bell Telephone, that was a lot of cash to lay out.

But, I bought it anyway.


Well duh!

Yes there were.

I eventually grew up.  I wore it about two years, and it was a total pain.

Toupees stay on your head with two sided tape.  If you aren’t bald when you buy one, you will be soon.

Since most of the men in my family were already bald, or headed that way, I accepted it. 

It was hard, but as the years wore on, I realized that it was me.

My children have never seen me with hair, my wife dated me and married me – even though I was bald, and her Grandmother said over and over, “but he’s bald!”

So, guys, life can go on.

There weren’t many choices back in 1972.

It were either toupees or the dreaded “comb-over”, which sadly, we see from time to time even today.


Ok boys, STOP IT NOW!

Now, there are many more choices.

Transplants, surgery, scalp stretching (I don’t think so!) and all the tricks the Bosley Group has up thier sleeves.

My plan, my advice, MY CHOICE, accept it.

Go with the flow, it’s much easier.

And if these guys can look great bald, why can’t we all?


The King of Bald – Yul Brenner


The American Idol of Bald – Chris Daughtry


Action Star of Bald – Bruce Willis. 


Sci Fi of Bald – Patrick Stewart


 Donald Faison – Scrubs of Bald

And, the Grandaddy of them all…


Bond, James Bond – Bald!

and of course, this one…


Really, grooming doesn’t get any easier.

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