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…don’t always come in the same package.

First of all, Jersey Shore should not be on TV, should not be commiting ‘crimes of fashion’ on a regular basis, Snooki should not be on Jersey Shore…and Snooki should not go out looking like this.

Looki Looki, Snooki's a Hooki!

Snooki is a self proclaimed ‘guidette’ –  what ever that is –  from Marlboro, NY – well, someone needs to guide her to a mirror!  The shades look like Lil Wayne’s Grill pre- slammer!  And what’s with the diaper bag?

And Gary Busey – I’m just so happy he’s alive, really, just so much more material…he makes Nick Nolte look good and he commited this crime…

Thank God for Nick Nolte!

To paraphrase Nancy Sinatra, These boots are made for throwing in the trash!

Speaking of jail…

Chris Brown or is it a Gangsta Version of Charlie Brown?

Nice Tats, did ya get those in the slammer

And why didn’t someone tell Kelly Bension this was too short for a 40 year old Real Housewife of NYC, and the ripped sleeve style was only in for 22 minutes in the 80s?

Yes, you have a great body, stop showing all of it!

Any way you look at it, there’s gonna be a VPL!

And this pastry dough color – not good on the dress, not good on her…can you at least say SPRAY TAN?

Her skin was dyed the same color as her dress

Isn’t it nice how her skin matches the carpet too?  As to the shoes – Oh My Cow!

For one half of the highest paid Hollywood Couple…


Sasha Fierce, Destiny’s Child, and Stevie Wonder can see this is just wrong, wrong, wrong!  And I did not know Beyonce was a NASCAR fan!

And how could we forget the Witches of Eastwick Olsen Twins…

Are they dressing your daughters?

…now aren’t ya glad ya spent all that money on their stuff?

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