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It is generally thought that Ray Harroun was the first to use the rear view mirror in a competitive automobile race.  When he did that, he gave impetus to the idea to the rest of the automobile manufacturers back in 1911.  Ray was the winner of the Indy 500 that year.  He drove a Marmon Wasp.  

Marmon Wasp!

The rear-view mirror probably wasn’t his idea, and I’m guessin’ he wasn’t married!

We don’t know which woman was the first to use it as a Make UP mirror, but I’m sure it was much later than 1911.

Here’s a tip!

Don’t make UP and drive.

Stop it!

Many states have enacted and are enforcing a “no texting while driving” law, and quite frankly, I think it’s about time for a no Make UP while driving law.

Seriously, make UP is a good thing, and as Grandpa used to say, “A paint job makes any old barn look better!”, but do it before you leave the house.

So, Estee, Liz, Elisabeth and Max – let’s put a warning label on that Mascara!

“Make UPing and driving may be hazardous to your health…and the health of others.”

I know it raises my stress level!

And to all the automobile makers out there; lights around the passenger mirror are ok, but don’t tempt the gals with lights around the one on the driver’s side!

Give us a break.

You'll put your eye out!

This post was prompted by a stressful commute!

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