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Get that mushy feeling on the inside when you fall in love?

Well, it might be making you all mushy outside as well!

Skipping the gym time to spend time with the honey might make him/her start looking around!

Because it might add a few extra pounds.

Lauren Conrad of The Hills calls it the “boyfriend layer”.  You know, that roll of fat that hangs around your tummy or thighs or arms, yeah, that’s the one.

Amy Gorin, Ph.D., an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut, says “When we get comfortable in a relationship, we establish new habits together that aren’t always the best for our weight.”

Well duh! 

There are a few things people do after falling “in love” – whatever that is – that change things dramatically.

DINING OUT DATES:  Guys like to take girls out to dinner, you know…to impress them.  A Men’s Health analysis of 24 national chains revealed that the average entree at a sit-down restaurant contains 867 calories.  That doesn’t take appetizers, drinks, desserts and the like into account. 

Single people usually eat less.  Often salads and other “healthy” meals.   Dating people usually want to get their money’s worth from an expensive dinner.

For some amazing reason, studies show that single guys eat healthier than single women.  I’m not sure I buy that one, but as they say, “the data doesn’t lie”.

An alternative is cooking together.  As I’ve said before on Jen and Em’s blog, Mommin it UP!, making a memory in the kitchen can be awesome.  And it can keep the pounds away.  So stay home, cook lite, get cozy, stay slim.

TOO MUCH TIME IN BED:    We’re not talkin’ woopie time, we’re talkin’ lazy time.  Couples who live together for two years or longer tend to laze around more.  Skip the gym, and generally be less active.  Less activity impacts women more than men.  Everybody, excuse me, everyone needs to get busy!  Doing something together makes it easier.

Either get out of bed, or get busy in it!  Getting comfortable and changing your routine can kill you or cure you.  Don’t be lazy.

Oh yes, there’s always the Better Sex Diet.

EQUAL PORTIONS:  Just because he (or in some cases she) can shovel in a ton of food and make it work, doesn’ t mean everyone can.  You don’t have to match each other.  Get the petite filet, if he wants the jumbo – not your problem!  You don’t have to match him plateful for plateful.  Generally men have more muscle mass, so more calories are required…hey, I know it’s not fair ladies, but you’re the ones who ate the apple and started all this fruit stuff anyway!

SHARING SNACKS:  No two people are alike, and his snacks may not be the snacks for you.  You might like them, but they may not like you!  Know what you know, and eat what’s good for you in the “in-between” times.  Eventually it’s gonna’ catch UP with him, but it’s gonna’ hit you sooner.  He can eat ice-cream, you might wanna try yougurt.  Some studies show that snacking is a way of connecting with your mate – date – baby daddy, but it’s not always a good one.

Yes I know celery sucks, but learn to love it.  Adding peanut butter helps – seriously, it does.  

YOU’RE JUST PLAIN HAPPY!:   People in love generally tend to gain a little weight – thus giving rise to the term “skinny bitch” !

A recent study shows that happy people are usually less successful losing weight, and that people with a “slightly negative and cautious outlook” tend to weigh less.  Ok, here’s where I run into trouble.  If this is true, I should look like I just walked out of Buchenwald, and I don’t! 

But, again, the data doesn’t lie.  Happy people are usually heavier people.  You know, Santa, Old King Cole, Budda, Aretha, Kirstie…you get my drift.

The cure here isn’t to get unhappy, but to get focused.  Weigh in – when you see the scales move a tad more than usual, pay attention to what your doing.

So tonight when he comes home – have candles everywhere, soft music playing, romantic lighting – then drag his ass into the kitchen and say, “hey baby, fire UP the grill, mama’s hungry!”

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