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The Duchess of Windsor used to say, “One can never be too rich or too thin.”

But you CAN be too ugly!












I’m down with the rich part…at least I’m assuming one can’t be too rich…I’d like to try.

As to thin, well, I’m not there either.

Now, I don’t look like this…

David as he was












…nor do I look like this…

David as he is












I’m guessin’ pasta is fattening!

Ok, I’ll move on…there is a point to this…and I’ll admit, I’ve been dyin’ to use those pictures ever since David Zechar sent them to me!

Thanks, David!

But, the British press is UP to it again.

Kate Middleton is too thin.

Hello, Dianagate…I’m old enough to remember!











Concerns about Kate’s recent weight loss have popped UP because of the drop and a recent comment she made while in Ireland.  People even tweeted about it.

 Oh My Cow!

 Wills and Kate in Belfast!











Heather Lindsay (I have no idea who she is) says that when she said to Kate, “don’t lose any more weight”, Kate sUPposedly replied that it was part of the wedding plan.


Buckingham Palace “officials”  are refusing to say if the future queen of England is trying to shed some pounds before her April 29th wedding.  They also won’t comment on her height, her actual weight, and they won’t respond to the comments she “sUPposedly” made in Belfast.

You know those Irish, always drunk! 

Of course Prince Charles’ people are saying it’s a “hugely private matter” and that it was an “off the cuff comment”.

Well, I’m sure it was. 

What bride doesn’t try to drop a pound or two before she’s trotted out for the world to see ties the knot?

Mark Niemierko, a top London wedding planner (whatever happened to Mom living her life vicariously through her daughter doing that?) says, “Even those brides who don’t plan to lose weight lose weight.  This is THE one day they will be the absloute center of attention, and these are the pictures they will have forever.  They want to be in good form.  The same goes for the groom.”

So, to the press, Johanna Douglas, and all the rest of Fleet Street – Shut UP!

We all know the camera adds ten pounds!

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