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OK, I like fruit cake.

I know that’s odd, and there are few of us.  But I’m sure there are more closet fruit cake connoisseurs out there than will admit it.

Fruit cakes have been the butt of Christmas jokes for years.  A usually unappreciated gift, they are often re-gifted, year after year.  Many are simply passed around and never eaten.

Some say they make good door stops!

But, I love fruit cake.

And I only like ONE KIND of Fruit Cake.


The big difference in a Claxton Fruit Cake and a regular fruit cake is that Claxton’s have fruit and nuts throug-out the cake, most regular cakes have fruits and nuts sprinkled on top.  There are two kinds of Claxton Fruit Cakes, Dark, my favorite, which is less popular – and I don’t know why – and regular.  But, the regualr out-sells the dark by 8 to 1!

The dark is made with molasses and sun dried rasins, the regular with golden raisins and artificial rum flavoring.  That could be the reason.


Savino Tos, an Italian pastry-maker, who immigrated to the United States in the early-1900’s, opened his bakery in Claxton, GA in 1910.

Claxton Bakery

Savino moved to New York first.  He loved city life, the hustle and bustle, the lights, the sights, the action.  But, as time wore on, Sovino longed for a quieter life.  He wound UP in Macon, GA where he worked for an ice cream company. 

On one of his many trips to Savannah, he noticed the tiny town of Claxton had no bakery.

The ice cream business in Macon was failing, Sovino seeing the handwriting on the wall, decided it was time to strike.  His pioneer spirit kicked in, and pleased with the friendliness of the town, he decided to settle there and open a bakery.

To spice UP the holidays, Savino decided to create a quality fruit cake using local ingredients as well as traditional fruit cake musts.

The Claxton Fruit Cake was born.

1/4 of a Claxton Fruit Cake is considered a serving.  And one serving  of Claxton Fruit Cake has 420 calories!!!  So, yes, Virginia, it will make you look fat!

Albert Parker, an employee who started working at the bakery before and after school when he was 11 years old eventually bought the bakery.

In his first year, 1945, they sold 45,000 pounds of fruit cake!

Now, they sell millions each year.

The legacy of Mr. Tos and Mr. Parker is operated by Mr. Parker’s children.  Millions of Claxton Fruit Cakes are sold in fund raisers each year.

This year, the Claxton Bakery celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Congratulations.  And thanks for the calories memories!

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